A Surprise From My Colleague!

Hi guys, this is my very first story. Forgive me for any mistakes and try to enjoy this till the last drop of your semen!

So all this started when I got an onsite project in a a company. I and Sunita were only there on that project. And initially, we had to document the whole day’s activity together and plan for the next day tomorrow. It became a habit and we were getting closer. Coming to our physique, I’m a tall guy with 5’3 and she has also the same height and a fig of 32-30-34.

So many guys were dreaming of fucking her and even asked me that whether she is single or what and where she is from

Coming back to the story.

One day after documenting and after having dinner, we returned to our halting place. She started watching youtube where one condom ad was getting played. She noticed that I was also watching the ad on her phone screen.

She caught me at smiling at her and came very closer and asked me, “What happened? Why are you laughing?”. I told her that something happened and it’s one of the best things that happens to a guy.

Then she asked, “Really? Then let me check that how best it actually is!”

She suddenly sat on my lap and her boobs were pressing against my chest. I was like in heaven and those boobs were like really really the softest. She was about to kiss me.She was like a wildcat and she jumped on me and pushed me to the floor and removed my shirt. I didn’t know what to do. She touched my dick very hard.

Then she told me, “I’m gonna eat you in pieces you dick”, to which I spanked her really hard and kissed her on her lips very deeply. It continued for 5 minutes and meanwhile, I inserted my 3 fingers into her pants and pussy to which she wanted to cry and moan which she couldn’t as my tongue was in her mouth.

I made her completely nude. I continued rubbing her sexy love hole with my middle finger and she was like, “Stop it Ahmed, please I beg you please stop it”, hearing which I doubled frequency of fingering her.

She was literally crying and then I asked her, “Who is the whore huh?”

She said, “I’m your whore dear and you are my master. Please punish me”

I then tore her bra and squeezed her boobs really hard. She cried with pleasure like that, “àaaàaaahhhhh”

Then I was squeezing her boob with my hands and licking and biting the other boobs. She was really uncontrollable at that time which made me hornier.

Then I took my 7-inch tool and told her to lick it. She was a real bitch and she kneeled with a crying face. She was giving me my first ever 7-minute long blowjob. I stroked till her epiglottis and that was an awesome feeling.

Then I wasn’t done by that time and I said, “Dear bitch, be my pet”

Then I took my dick out from her mouth.Then she grabbed my ass and bit every possible area on my chest.

She was really uncontrollably mad. Finally, she applied some saliva on my dick and winked at me. I too was fucking ready for my first ever sex and I was like


I haven’t even started 2 strokes and she was crying in pain.I understood that she was a virgin. I was really tensed and told are you like really…

Omg to which I stopped all my brutality and asked, “Are you sure about this” and then she said, “Yes you are the one Mr. Right. Be my guest and do the rest”

Then I just fucked her very gently while kissing her lips, her boobs and when it started bleeding I just put my mouth on hers. Then she started crying and I again started pushing very gently and she started responding. Finally, we both came.

She was telling, “Dear you really are a champ and maybe now she is looking for threesome”.

Hope you people liked it.

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