A Webcam Sex – Part 3

Sandra and her niece’s boyfriend Tom had sex on a video chat. She made him shave his junk and he really liked to stay her’s submissive. She too liked to dominate him when it came to sex. Both could not wait to meet in person to have the real sex.

Sandra: So, when shall we meet?
Tom: I don’t know. How could I come down there for no reason and have sex with you?

Sandra: Why not?
Tom: Well, you are already married and I need a good reason to come to your place and stay there.

Sandra: I agree. You have a point.
Tom: Wait a minute. I have an idea.

Sandra: What?
Tom: Let Kinky call me. Then, I will come there like I wanted to meet Kinky and we could hang out at our convenient time.

Sandra: Oh, I love Kinky. So, I don’t want to do this with Kinky.
Tom: Come on. We already had an online sex. So, not a big deal.

Sandra: Fine. Talk to her and make her invite you.
Tom: Yeah. Hey, sweet talk to her and motivate her to invite her boyfriend.

They stopped the video chat and Sandra wore her clothes. When she came out, she saw Kinky still talking to someone on the phone. Since she could not wait for her to start the video call, she went to Kinky straight away with a whole new plan.

Looking at her coming towards her, Kinky stopped talking on the phone and looked at her with a smile. Soon, Sandra told her with an anger on her face,

Sandra: Kinky, What is going on?
Kinky: Nothing aunty. What happened?

Sandra: Stop lying. I saw your computer with full of chat history with a guy called Tom.
Kinky: You saw my chat history?

SB: Well, I wanted to chat with my friend. But I had no idea you were logged in and I couldn’t help myself looking at the chats.
Kinky; Oh. Oh, My God.

SB: So, Tom. Your boyfriend?
Kinky: No. Just a friend.

SB: Come on, Kinky. You can tell me anything.
Kinky: Okay. But don’t tell my mom. I had a couple of video chats with him and I kind of liked him.

SB: good. I will support you no matter what.
Kinky: Thanks, aunty.

SB: Hey, you are so young. You should have fun with him at this age.
Kinky: I did. I had a couple of video sex.

SB: Come on. Virtual sex? Really?
Kinky: Yeah. fun, right?

SB: Hmm. Not really. Invite him home. Just tell your parents that he wanted to have some site seeing in the village and you invited him to your home.
Kinky: Will that work out?

SB: Don’t worry. If they don’t agree, I will help you out.
Kinky: Thanks. You are the best aunty ever. Thank you so much.

Both talked to her parents and convinced them to invite Tom. That weekend, Tom came to their place. Both Kinky and Sandra felt very happy to see him in person. Kinky took him to her bedroom and both had a small conversation. But Tom really felt excited to meet Sandra

Kinky: You were good in the video sex. I can’t wait to taste you in real.
Tom: Really? you look better than in the video chat.

Without wasting any time, she went closer and kissed his lips. He really fantasized Sandra Ever since he saw her, he could not stop thinking of her. He really imagined her face while Kinky removed his pants and took his dick in her hands.

She started to jerk it for a while before taking it into her mouth. She might look like an amateur to Tom but she really did a good blowjob. But that only raised the bars for Sandra He so badly wanted the sex thing to end soon so that he could hook up with her.

But soon he realized the magic Kinky did with her tongue over his dick head. That felt amazing and he took off her clothes. Both stood naked facing each other. Then, he looked at her breasts and the cunt with some pubic hair while she stared at his clean shaved dick. Soon, Kinky layed on the bed and spread her legs wide apart showing her cunt.

He joined her on the bed and inserted his dick into her pussy. With the hot Sandra in his mind, he just made some awesome strokes to his hot virgin teen girl. She moaned aloud since none could hear her. But Sandra could heat them since she stayed in the next room.

She felt very horny hearing the moaning noises and could not wait to see Tom naked. After the nice sex, he came into her pussy and broke her virginity. After a while, the rest of the family had returned and he went to his room. That evening everyone had their dinner and retired to their bedroom.

Later that night, Tom woke up to check his mobile. Soon, he called Sandra and she picked it up on the second ring.

Tom: So, you, awake?
SB: You bet I am awake.

Tom: I could not stop thinking of you. So, I called to check if you think the same.
SB: Then, what took you so long?

Tom: I am sorry. I just wanted this to be a safe sex.
SB: You talk a lot. Don’t you?

Tom: Oh, sorry. I am wasting my time here.
SB: Yeah. Now, get your ass here soon.

To be continued…


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