Having A Romantic Time With The Lifegaurd

Sandra knew about the busy schedule of her neighbor very well. Both the husband and wife worked very hard day and night. Since they had huge debts, they had to work over time. But they had a hard time in taking care of their son. To make him learn many important aspects of life, they made him enroll in the swimming class.

But the real problem raised when they had to decide who to drop him and pick him up from the class. Just to save the day, Sandra came there just for a casual conversation. While talking, her friend openly asked her help.

Since Sandra had lots of spare time to kill, she agreed at once. Even she wanted to swim since she missed it a lot. She used to do when she was a college student. Sandra even became a college champion in swimming.

While the rest of the girls would wear a proper swimsuit, this woman would wear a sexy bikini showing off her ass and cleavage through the thin and revealing outfit. During the tournament, she used to have a good time with the hot looking guy in the whole pool.

When her friend talked about the swimming class, Sandra remembered all the romantic and erotic encounters she had with the guys. She came back to her senses and agreed to take her son to the swimming class.

So, on the very first day, she just sat on the visitor’s bench and just watched her friend’s son Ahmed swimming. Only then, she noticed the handsome hunk in the pool. He had six packs and that looked very evident in the wet t-shirt. He also had arms like Dwayne Johnson. All the mothers who came to drop their children would stare at him for a couple of minutes.

But the lifeguard did not look at any of them. Of course, our hot Sandra grabbed his attention. The revealing hips showing her perfect waist and round navel made him stare at her for a long time. When she extended her legs and crossed them in the bench, her sari went up a bit revealing her perfectly toned legs.

The guard had of course seen many hot chicks in the bikini. But Sandra even in a sari made him horny. He so badly wanted to know about her. But the pool had some strict rules. Only parents had the right to pick up or drop the kid. They would not allow any other people. Since she knew about this, she told the guard that she was Ahmed’s mother.

He could not believe his eyes. A mother looking very hot and sexy. So, he started to flirt with her. Even Sandra saw an opportunity to have sex with him. But she had to come up with a plan. So, she used the excuse of Ahmed. She came to warn Ahmed from jumping from a big height.

Then, she purposely slipped and fell into the pool. She pretended as if she did not know swimming. Soon, the guard jumped inside and swam to her. As he too wanted to make use of this opportunity, he grabbed her waist and lifted her above the water. Due to the light material, her whole gown got pulled up revealing her complete thighs and he could even see her light blue panty.

When he carried her in his arms, she purposely crushed her boobs over his chest making him horny. He took her to the floor and handed over a towel to make herself dry. Then, he gave a t-shirt and shorts the pool maintained for the sale. She wore them and packed her sari.

The men in the pool ket staring her tight ass and toned legs in the tight shorts. Before she left the pool, the guard called her and told her to enroll in the swimming class which would save her life in future. As she could have some erotic moments with him later on, she did. But she had to come on different timing made for the adults.

On the next day, she took a bag to have her swimsuit and went to the pool. The guard asked her to change and she did. When she came out of the dressing room, the whole pool kept looking at her. She looked more than an international model.

The revealing bikini showed more of her cleavage. Just her nipples took a cover. When she turned over, her hot thong like panty showed more of her ass. In that case, only her ass crack took a cover. But anyone could make that out. Many men just kept staring at her ass.

She even noticed the hard boner in the guard’s pants. When she took the shower to make her body wet, she looked absolutely gorgeous. Soon, she finished the shower and came to the guard. He taught her swimming for a while. Then, he left her alone to see if she can swim. She successfully went one round and came back.

He looked impressed and told her some important tips. But Sandra pressed his dick with her hands under the water. He understood her intention and took her inside the guard’s personal room. There, he made this wet babe lie on the bed and came on top of her.

She made him kneel and removed all his clothes. Then, she removed her bra and panty in an erotic way and pushed him on the bed. Soon, she took the dick into her mouth and started to suck it. Meanwhile, he inserted his finger into her cunt and fingered her.

With his both the hands, he cupped her boobs and pressed them nicely. Finally, he came on top of her and inserted his dick into her pussy. When he banged her with his athletic strength, she moaned aloud. She gave some nail marks and love bites to his neck. At last, he came a lot into her and both cleaned up everything.


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