Toyin , Lets Do Some Sixty Nine That Makes Sense Before Making Love

I met a hot married Indian woman on tinder and we both wanted to have sex.

Read how we met each other and then we went to my flat and fucked.

Guys, I am an average-looking guy, 40 years old, 5’10”, athletic physique, and my dick is 8” and can satisfy any woman with it and also the magical swirling of my tongue fingers. I love eating pussy and ass. I like dirty sex as well.

So let’s start the story. I was home for a day off after work (2 months of work and one month off is my duty pattern). It was July 2023. I was feeling horny so downloaded tinder and was swiping on profiles.

Then I swiped on almost all profiles that aged between 28-48 years (as I like milfs as well). After swiping for a couple of days, I got 2-3 matches (I will upload my encounters with all if you like this story).

One of the matches was a married female and she lived close by as the distance reflected on the profile was within a km range. I quickly sent her a text and got an instant reply. Her name was Toyin(name changed).

We started chatting and soon the question “what are you looking for on this app?” Was enquired from her.

I clearly said: I am looking for hookups.

And I thought I won’t be getting any reply after this. But to my relief, I got a reply that she was also looking for physical satisfaction as her husband used to be out of town for almost 20-22 days a month and was not active in sex.

We chatted for the entire day and enquired all about what were our likes and dislikes while having sex. I was so happy that the female I met was exactly my type and our likes were similar.

We chatted for 3-4 days and a night we used to have sex chats, and send pictures of private parts while masturbating. Then we started planning for our meeting and she said-

Toyin: We will go for coffee and if we vibe, we will have sex.

The best part was, she also wanted to have unprotected sex. I had two flats in the same locality. One in which I stayed with family and the other was newly built and hardly people took possession of the building.

Finally, the day arrived and we met. I picked her up from the bus stop. She was wearing a nice fitted top and blue jeans. She was fair with slightly curly hair, 36 years old, and 5’4” in height.

My eyes were stuck on her sexy navel. She was very fit. Her boobs must be 34B( got to know while chatting). And she had an ass to die for. While she was walking, her butt was swaying from left to right.

Her stats were 34-28-36. I had an instant hard-on thinking about fucking that beauty. She had beautiful pair of eyes and had applied make up which made her look sexier. Then we hugged and her firm round boobs crushed against my chest.

Her boobs were so soft, and I wanted to squeeze them then and there. Then I opened the door for her , she dropped her bags and we left for our coffee date. We had our date and while talking, we became very comfortable and enjoyed each other’s company.

Then while talking about physical satisfaction, she got sad and I consoled her by saying I would take care of her needs. After a while, she asked, “have you got the keys to your flat?”

I nodded yes and within no time, she got up and was ready to leave. Then I paid the bill and we left for my place. On the way, she kept holding my hands and kissing my palm. I was already aroused by her presence.

Then we reached the door and opened the lock. We had a bed and 2-3 chairs at the flat. As soon as we entered the door, I was too aroused. Then I pulled Toyin towards me and planted a peck on her lips.

She went crazy and opened her mouth and started chewing my lips and sucking my tongue. Then I lifted her in my arm and pressed her against the wall and started smooching wildly.

Our tongues were exploring each other’s mouth and she took my hand and placed it on her boobs. I instantly began crushing them and she left a moan “mmmmmmm”. Then she started biting my ears and said-

Toyin: Undress me, baby, I wanna feel your warm skin against mine.

Then I took her to the bed and while wildly smooching, we undressed each other. Both of us were only in undies. She drank water and kept the last sip in her mouth. Then she came forward to smooch and while doing so transferred the water into my mouth which I happily gulped, things we do when we are horny.

Then I made her lay on the bed came upon her and slowly started licking her neck and started going down licking to her nipples. I held both her boobs and squeezed them strongly and circling her nipples with my tongue.

Her nipples were perfect in size to suck and light brown as she was fair.

Toyin: Bite them, baby, bite them hard.

Then I looked at her, smiled, and started biting her nipples. I left my teeth marks on her boobs and my fingers were in her mouth. She was sucking my fingers.

Then I moved to her clean-shaven armpits, but the aroma of her sweat was making me horny and the taste was a little salty but erotic. I loved licking there.

I moved down, licked her navel, and pulled her panties down. I came in between her legs and saw her clean shaved pussy. It was already wet, and Light brown.

Then I went near and licked her inner thighs and planted a kiss in between her pussy and ass. A shock wave ran through her body, as it was after a long time she was experiencing warm breath on her pussy.

I rolled my tongue on her pussy and inserted it inside. She left a moan and told me to keep doing it. The fragrance of her pussy was driving me crazy. Then I started playing with her clit with my tongue and started finger fucking her ass.

She was liking it. Then I smelled the finger and I loved the dirty smell. It made me hornier and she licked my finger. After a while, she came on top of me and we were in 69.

Then she spat on my dick and started sucking my dick like a hungry bitch. She was very good at it. I was licking her pussy and ass and fingering both her holes.

In 10 minutes she came all over my face and I loved the taste of her juices. Then she turned and licked my face. I wanted to fuck her badly and told her. She was waiting for my cock to explore her love hole.

We were in no hurry because she knew that I liked to take things slowly and enjoy every moment of every taste ( through sex chat). Then she sat on me and guided my dick near her love hole and positioned it.

Toyin: Please go slow it hasn’t been used for a couple of months.

She didn’t finish her request and I gave a strong jerk and 75% of my dick was in. She screamed and fell on me and started biting my chest. Then I gave one more thrust and it was all in.

She kept biting me till her pain subsided. Then I slowly started pounding her. Slowly I increased my speed. I could see her boobs bouncing, so I started squeezing them and pinching her nipples.

Toyin: Ahhh baby, this feels so good. Keep fucking your bitch harder and deeper.

After 5 minutes of rough pounding, she came. Then I pulled her into my mouth and she started to rub her pussy on my face. I could taste her juices, her pussy, and her ass altogether.

Then I fucked her in a doggy position for 5-8 minutes and while doing so I was fingering her ass continuously and smelling my fingers which was driving me crazy.

I wanted to feel her mouth so I made her sleep flat, climbed on her, and shoved my dick in her mouth. After a good suck, I fucked her in the missionary position. I kept sucking her tongue chewing her lips and saliva dripping all over her chin and neck.

After 8-10 minutes of fucking, I was about to come and she said-

Toyin: Fill my pussy with your cum, I won’t mind having your child. I want your hot cum deep in my pussy.

With a loud moan, I shot all my cum into her warm pussy and stayed in too till my dick slid out. Then I came to a side and she rolled over and kissed me. We fucked 2 more times that day and continue to fuck whenever I go on my vacation to her area

Next time I will tell you how I fucked her while she was peeing. Guys, do let me know how was the story and if there is any area of improvement in narration mail me at: tonyiskinky@gmail.com.

Females, email me if you need a partner for satisfaction. I will be more than happy to satisfy you and complete your dirtiest fantasies as well.


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