My Hangout With A College Guy – Sandra story Part 1

Ahmed’s cousin had invited him and his wife Sandra for his wedding. He requested them to come one week prior to the marriage to attend the rest of the functions. Ahmed checked his schedule and he did not have much important work.


So, he took his wife to Abuja where his cousin stay. Sandra liked the place very much. She badly wanted to visit many places but she did not have a chance before. So, she wanted to visit the place. Mainly the nightlife in Abuja, she just wanted to enjoy at least once in her lifetime.


Sandra: Ahmed. Can you do me a favor?

Ahmed: What? Tell me.


Sandra: Can you take me to a club?

Ahmed: What?


Sandra: I like to visit that place very badly.

Ahmed: But you don’t drink. Do you?


Sandra: So? I just wanted to visit the place.

Ahmed: Sure. I will take you for sure. First, let’s take some rest in the room and then have some coffee in the coffee shop.


Both went to the hotel room and he threw himself on the bed. Sandra wanted to wear for the occasion. So, she wore a Lace Camisole top with a red rose imprinted. Then, she wore a dark jean skirt extending till her inner thighs.


Due to her fair complexion and the black skirt, she looked very graceful and sexy. She just wore it to check how she looked. After seeing her in that outfit, Ahmed became very horny. But before he could do something, she soon went to the other room and removed her clothes.


Then, she just wrapped a towel around her and rushed to the shower to have a bath. She had a nice shower and then came out with some water droplet dripping from her body. Looking at her like that, he lost himself. But Sandra did not notice him.


She just went to the mirror and started to dry her hair with the hairdryer. Ahmed came close to her and made her towel drop on the floor. Since she did not expect that kind of romance from her husband, she became shocked for a minute.


So, she looked at him with disbelief. Then, she looked at the time and told him, “Ahmed. We are getting late”. He did not answer her. Soon, he came close to her and started to kiss her lips. She lied on the bed along with the passionate kiss and hugged him tightly.


Then, she wrapped her legs around his waist and lost herself in the kiss. The kiss she had been longing for a while. He stopped the kiss and looked at the hot breasts and the shaved pussy of his wife. Only then he realized how much he missed his wife.


With a romantic smile, she raised her eyebrows meaning, “What?”. He just nodded his head and buried it inside her boobs. He could feel the soft milk bags on his eyes and mouth. While doing so, he could feel the hard nipples on his face. Then, he could tickle her chest portion with his trimmed beard.


She could not control her laughter and laugh loud pushing his head aside. But he pulled her towards him again and began to kiss her breasts. She closed her eyes and felt the extreme pleasure. Slowly, he opened his mouth and began to eat her nipples.


Sandra loved the pain he made her feel after so many years. After kissing and sucking for a while, he came down and inserted his nose inside her navel. Meanwhile, he placed his palms over her boobs. Slowly, he pressed her lightly while playing with her navel.


Sandra did not stop him though she knew that time was running out. He inserted his tongue deep inside her navel and played with her. Even that tickled her a lot. While laughing, she raised her legs. He could see her soft ass and the nice and the pinkish love holes.


That made him hornier. She could see his boner inside his pants. She could not control her emotions after looking at hard dick hiding inside the cloth. Soon, she unzipped his pants and took his penis outside. His penis became very hard when she touched it.


He never felt like that for a while now. Soon, she started to stroke his penis. He could feel the heaven in her hands. So, he smiled. When Sandra asked him the reason for the smile, he told her, “I can feel the heaven in your hands”.


She smiled and said, “Now, I will you show you the heaven inside my mouth”. Saying that she took the dick inside her mouth. Then, she started to suck his penis like a professional slut. (She indeed is a professional in that) After a nice blowjob, she lied on the bed with the smile.


But before he could make his penis enter her hole, his phone beeped. He could not ignore since it was from his manager. He wanted him to attend an important meeting in Abuja as soon as possible.


Since his manager’s flight to Abuja was canceled, he wanted Ahmed to attend the meeting on his behalf. He told what happened to Sandra and left the place. She felt a bit disappointed at first. But she consoled herself since she could have some fun in the nightclub, she had some hope. So, she wore the clothes she kept ready and then went to the coffee shop near her hotel.


To be continued…

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