Rainy Night With Hot Model Sandra– Part 1

This dates back 5 years. My name is Tunde. I am a 46-year-old, well-built photographer in Iyana Oworo, Gbagada area. I was working as an Assistant Photographer for an AD movie and used to frequently visit the actresses’ houses to get some shots right. One such visit was on a late evening and just before I could start back it started raining heavily.

The actress looked like the sister of Sandra and her name was also Sandra. Very similar-looking, voluptuous figure with 36DD breasts and 40 inches hips with a 32-inch waist. Her smile was just like Sandra herself.

Sandra: Tunde, why don’t you stay back tonight? How will you go in such weather? It’s very late, and you might not even get an Uber at such late night with this heavy rain. I have the rooftop room empty. You can stay here.

Me: But Sandra madam, what will your kids and husband feel if I stay here?

Sandra: Bros, my husband is in hospital. He has a night shift today. He will not be coming and my kids have gone to their grandma’s house. So, they are not here. Don’t worry, you can stay back. Please don’t say no and think too much.

Now I understood why there was so much silence when we were discussing and going through her AD photos on the laptop in her studio. I thought it was fine for me to stay back as anyhow I couldn’t go back at that time.

Me: Ok Sandra, I will stay back. But please don’t take any trouble. You can get back to your regular work. I will find my way up to the rooftop room and make my stay for the night.

Sandra (instantly): No-no, let me help you. The room is not in good shape. You can sit in the drawing room and relax with some drinks. What would you like to have?

I replied: I can have whiskey.

Then she went back to the drawing room to get the glass and I followed her. While I was going behind her, I could easily watch her big bubble buttocks swing. Her top was kind of stuck in her butt crack which was easily giving a view of the massiveness of her buttocks.

Suddenly, she said: Tunde..

I got scared and looked up.

She said: What happened to you? Why are you looking down at the floor? Are you thinking of something?

Me: No-no Sandra, I was thinking that I gave you the trouble.

Sandra: Oh, not at all. I can also use some company. You see I am very scared of the thundering showers and occasional power cuts which happen during these incessant rains of Lagos So in a way, you saved me.

Both of us laughed.

Now I was seated on the sofa and she brought me a glass of whiskey.

Sandra: You are ok with this? Me: Yes, this will work just fine.

Now Sandra sat beside me with another glass that she had made for her. Then she asked me –

Sandra: So Tunde Bros, tell me about your job. How is it going?

I thought she was just getting into small talk.

Me: It’s good Sandra. I don’t have any regrets about working with some good actresses like you (I tried to flatter her).

Sandra: Oh Tunde, shit sorry Bros, you are such a nice person.

We continued drinking. She talked about her acting career, her struggles, the industry’s bad people, getting into some really bad projects, and how she met her husband, then had 3 kids and current work.

Then she stopped for a while, took a deep breath and while she was pouring her 3rd drink she said –

Sandra: But after all this, I am. Still not satisfied. There is still something missing in my life. My husband treats me as a trophy. My kids think I am very arrogant and are becoming very distant day by day. And now I am not even called beautiful by anyone anymore.

Then she stopped.

I instantly said: I don’t think it’s right for anyone to judge you. You are like the epitome of beauty even at this age. Any guy would die to spend an hour with you even at this age. The figure you have maintained and the magic of your presence, it’s very much there. I don’t know which fool doesn’t still appreciate your beauty.

Sandra: Haha, thank you, Tunde. I am flattered, and that fool is my husband. You don’t mind me calling you ‘Tunde’?

Me: Not at all, and I am sorry, I didn’t mean that to your husband.

Sandra: Oh, that’s ok. You are most welcome to call him a fool. Let’s go now to fix your room. It’s getting late. After fixing your room we will have some dinner and get to bed.

When she said those last words, it kind of excited me, “We will get to bed”. I was pretty sure she meant in separate beds. While she stood up, her top just slipped a little low and her curvy fleshy white waist was visible with a slight view of her belly button. I was about to have a hard-on at this sight.

I took her photos many times, but today’s interaction and situation were very different from those. There were some very erotic thoughts coming to my mind. Then Sandra started walking towards the rooftop room and I followed her.

As she was walking in front of me, this time I could clearly see her red underpants below her blue chiffon top. I was getting a solid hard-on. Then she started climbing the stairs in front of me and her sexy scrumptious ass swaying in front of my face. Then she said-

Sandra: Tunde, I know what you are looking at.

Me: Umm, nothing Sandra.

She laughed and said: Ahmed, I know you are admiring the view from the backside. I know the open landscape view from the back of this building is very beautiful. Just like a virgin girl ha ha ha.

I thought the whiskey had started its reaction to Sandra. She was getting more open now. Now once she reached the room, she opened the windows. There was a cool wind outside. She then closed the windows.

Sandra: You might feel cold if the windows are open. Let me close it.

Now you can change to your pajama or underwear whichever is comfortable. If you need anything, you can call me from downstairs.

All this while, I was having some sexy thoughts and now I gathered all my courage and said –

Me: I might make use of a pair of short pants as I am not used to sleeping in my underwear. I am sorry to bring it like this.

Sandra then laughed and said: Tunde, why are you ashamed? Even my kids can’t sleep in their underwear and my husband sleeps full naked. He doesn’t keep any pants while in bed. Though the other reason for that is he is extremely kinky and horny all the time.

Sandra: He doesn’t even want me to wear a thread while getting to bed. This is very weird, I know, especially on wintry nights. You imagine how much this innocent didi of yours has to suffer (saying this she gave a naughty smile).

Me: I can understand Sandra,  but you must not have a problem. I think you are used to spending long hours in those bikini shots (I gave a bold statement).

She didn’t seem to mind. Then she said –

Sandra: Yes, that’s true. I usually let my body breathe at night. That’s why I want to dress very lightly sometimes. A light sleep-robe or maybe a light silk panty with nothing on top or sometimes top and bottom full nude.

I couldn’t believe my ears. This very sensual and sexy actress in her 45s was speaking this way to me after having 3 pegs of whiskey while we both were in a closed room with no one at her house.

I was thinking about what was next one going to be. At this stage, she just walked toward the other room and opened a big Wardrobe and from the wardrobe, she handed me very short pants, in fact, two of them.

Sandra: You can try them out. These are my husband’s. And while you try this, I have to rush downstairs quickly. I just remembered I have to call my kids once. Once done, I will take a shower and change into my silk nightgown and I might need a favor.

Me: Yes, go ahead, anything for you, madam.

Sandra said: You see, I have never had a photoshoot with my silk nightgown. I bought it from Europe for 5000$ and there are no photos of myself only in this. I asked my hubby so many times, but that idiot doesn’t even know how to hold the camera. Can I request you please take some sexy photos of me wearing that gown? Even I can put some Victoria’s Secret under that gown if you feel that is going to be better. Those bra panties are also of 4000$ set.

Me: Absolutely, I would be happy to do the honor. You can take a good shower and put on some light makeup also if you want. Call me once you are done, I will be there.

Sandra: Oh Tunde (she hugged me suddenly).

Her soft body felt like a blob of butter to me. Her big heavy soft breasts touched my chest and I could feel my masculinity slowly building up. But she quickly rushed downstairs to make the call.

To be continued.


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