Sex With My Landlord’s Daughter

Hi guys, i am Sam working in an IT company in Victoria island. I am regular reader of Donzaddy stories and thought let me give my contribution back to the web on what has given me so much fun. I am going to share my experience of sex with my Landlord. I am 37 and single (ready to meet n have fun with girls n aunties). Let me start my story.

I am staying in the first floor and my Landlord and his family resides in ground floor. her daughter is in late 30′s. About her she has good assets (38-30-40) slim fair, sexy attractive and about 5’3′ height. She has very big breast and everyone is attracted by her breast. Since i was in IT, i usually come late night. One day when i was using staircase, i heard moaning sounds of Toyosi my landlord daughter, On peeping what is the matter, who is moaning, i saw Toyosi and her stupid boyfriend where they were fucking on that day.

Suddenly i became horny, I became weak, hard and hot at the same time, hearing them moan and watching them fuck, when i will get a girl like her with big breast to fuck. i went into my flat, wanked and went to bed..little did i know that my luck will soon come soon.

On Sunday, someone knocked the door. I just woke up and opened the door. Sule (Toyosi Boyfriend that was fucking her that night) was there and he invited me for a drink. I told him he should hold on that i will join shortly… I took bath and went to Sule’s house. On that day Toyosi wore a green gown and she was too sexy on that. The gown is somewhat semitransparent and able to see her assets. While eating the Suya they bought for me, Sule told that, he was travelling to U.K. for 4 months for some onsite requirement. Since it is short term, he was not taking Toyosi and asked me to always help her if she needs any help.

I told him it is fine. He mentioned that he is travelling tomorrow. Inside of me, i was very happy, excited that Sule handed over her big breast girlfriend to me officially for the next 4 months, like i was with my sexy landlord’s daughter.

I and Toyosi went to airport for see Sule.  While coming home, in my car, one of the reasons why Sule caled me for a drink was because i have a car, he wants me to drive him to the airport. so on our way back to the house, we go talking, we were talking about the general topics and about my work. We become friendly in course of time. I met her on the next day and asked have you talked to your boyfriend. She told yes through Skype and that he has settled down.

On Sunday, she came to my room and she told me that her laptop was having some issues and asked to help me. I went to her home and the laptop was in her bedroom. She led the way to her bedroom, I just take a look and it seems hard disk was crashed. I asked her, to give the laptop to nearby shop to resolve this issue. She asked how many days it will take to resolve it.

It may take 4 days i guess not sure. How could i talk to my boyfriend now? I gave her my laptop to use to talk to Sule. She was happy and i took the laptop and give it to the nearby Engineer shop to resolve the issue.

In my laptop, i have some blue flims & sex stories and usually hide it before giving to Toyosi. But one day i forgot that, She took my laptop and talked to her boyfriend and started seeing blue films and reading the sex stories. While i am taking my staircase to my room, i saw Toyosi’s bedroom window was open and able to see that, she is watching blue film from my laptop and playing with her assets. . I saw the wonderful scene and masturbated in my room. I understand that, she is eager for sex, since her boyfriend is not here to fulfill her desires.

In the weekend, i downloaded lot of blue films and sex stories and stored in my laptop. She came to my room and has a casual talk and i am able to see her attitude change and also her dressing style. Our chat went for more than 1 hour and we discussed everything. I told some jokes and she gave a naughty smile and took her mobile phone.

The next day, while i was at work, she called me and talked to me. We started sharing sms and i sent some jokes to her. She enjoyed as well and also used my laptops to satisfy herself, since her laptop is  getting repaired for long time. She called late nights and our discussions went to sex topics as well.

One day she asked me to take her to mall to chill a bit. I asked her to get ready at evening  that i will be back by 5pm and will pick her up.

I bathed and wore a new shirt and Jean and applied scent and went to her house. She wore a nice white hugging gown and damn hot. i couldn’t hide it and  I told her.T ..You are looking hot today. She gave a naughty smile. I took her mall and was roaming there and she bought some dress and we had food there itself and returning to home.

While returning,  rain started falling and we got drenched, i dint go with my car, we decided to walk, because the mall is not far away from our house, we both both get drenched. I was able to see her outline of her boobs and nipples from her white gown and we reached the home.

I went to my room and try to open the door and at the time i know that, i lost my key. I went down to Toyosi’s house and asked if she has alternative key for my house. She told she have and need to check. She gave me a towel to me to wipe myself and she went to her bedroom to change her dress. Her bedroom door was not closed and through the mirror in the hall able to see her naked body.

She is sexy and has a very nice structure. I am enjoying the site and my little brother started wake up from my pant. She wore a nightie and came out and her nightie is a transparent one and able to figure it out she doesn’t wear anything inside .

She accidentally hit her leg on a stool near the door and  she fell on the ground. in my bid to help her get up, I touched her breast and pressed it for a while, she did not say a word and it gave me confidence to press more. I started caressing her breast over the nightie and started kissing her cheeks.

I gave a kiss on her lips and she opened her lips and we liplocked for some time. I  pressed her breasts and gave kiss to her breast over her nightie. I tore her nightie and started sucking her breast. She started moaning slowly. I asked her in ears, can we move to bedroom. She told me yes. Her Dad and Mum live in another wing of the house, so it was free for us alone . I removed the nightie and closed the doors, removed my clothes, naked like the day i was born and went to her bedroom. I again started sucking her breast and my left hand caressing her pussy. i wore my boxers as i got inside her room.

She removed my pant and started pressing my dick and started playing with it. I went down and gave kisses to her thighs and widened her legs and started kissing her pussy. She was moaning and breathing heavily.

I used my tongue and started sucking my pussy and she was moaning.

Please suck me. I need it.

We went to 69 positions and started sucking.

She gave a nice blowjob and i sucked her nicely and she got the first orgasm.

We changed the position and i start sucking the breast again and my rod became hard again. I put my rod near her cunt and pressed slowly and it went. She was moaning loudly. I started doing slowly and she is enjoying the round.

I increased the speed and released my loads of cum in her cunt and she also discharged at the same time. In the night, we did two more rounds with different style.

I woke up late and saw, she was bathed and wearing the new dress she picked at the mall. On seeing her body, i went and hugged from back and fucked from back. I enjoyed a lot of sex from her. At last she only hide my room key and purposefully want to see the naked body, she changed the dress without closing the bedroom door on yesterday.

This is my first story on donzaddy…wanna have same experience…chat with me at tonyiskinky@gmail.com

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