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Taking Revenge On Husband

Hello everyone my name is Hannah. I am 39 years old. For privacy reasons i have changed my name.

In this I am gonna tell you how I took revenge on my unfaithful husband. Forgive me if my English is not proper or if I make any grammatical errors.

I was one of the beautiful girls on my college. Many boys used to stare at me at the bus stops and stare at me. And a few of them proposed me but fearing my family members and reputation i neglected them.

After I finished my graduation I got married. I was only 21 when I got married. Then I moved to Dubai as my husband has an export business here. I had a lovely body when I got married.

I have a very sexy shape, 34-28-32 was my figure. Soon after the marriage I gave birth to 2 boys. Soon after the birth of my sons, my figure changed to 36-30-34. I transformed from a beautiful lady to a sexy one. I often got stares from my neighbours and neighbourhood boys. But still I remained a faithful wife taking care of my husband and children.

I had a 10 years of wonderful marriage life,  that was by the time I found out my husband was cheating me for a long time with his employee who was younger to me by 8 years. I accidentally opened my husband mail one day and shocked to see the mails he got from his employee recalling the things that they did together during their trip to a state for a business meeting.

I felt betrayal and dejected. That was the time I decided to take revenge on my husband. But I have a reputation and I didn’t want to spoil that. So I asked for help to my friend Diana and she came with this idea of seducing the neighbour. I was very careful in choosing the person as I didn’t want that to end in a threat for me.

By this time there came a new neighbour to our flat. He was working in an IT company and he was originally from The North and his name was Said. He knew a very little English so he used to came and ask for help as I was the only house wife in that floor. Mind that he was working night shifts.

Like other males, he too stared at my body whenever he got chance, but I ignored that as he was younger for me. After knowing about my husband, I decided to seduce him as he was the perfect choice. I was careful that I don’t want to give up my position. I want him to force me to have sex with him. I started to wear my tight clothes and blouse so tightly. It gave a nice view of my butt and boobs. He used to touch my hand while getting something from me and touch my butt while we are in lift together and he would say sorry as like it was an accident.

Once he was bold enough to push his erection on my thighs. I gave him a cold stare by that time but actually I was happy that he was trying to get me.

One day my husband gone on a trip with his favourite employee and in frustration i tore my dresses.

My nightie seems to be one among it and the next day,  I put all my dresses for washing and wore that nightie as I got no other dress. i tore them all the day before. He came asking for some help. I hooked the place where my nighty was tore but still it reveals my fresh boobs as I was without any bra. I asked him to have coffee with me and finishing coffee,  I took the cups to kitchen . I didn’t know what happened to him that day, he followed me to kitchen and stood so close to me. I was excited at one end but I showed him as like I was angry. He suddenly started to kiss me. I put on a show as like I was showing resistance. I tried to push him by chest. He just carry me on his shoulders to my bedroom and threw me on my bed.

He tore my nightie hooks and started pressing my boobs. In order to stop me from shouting he used his handkerchief on my mouth. He pressed and sucked my boobs for a few minutes and went down to my panties.

He easily removed my panties and started sucking my pussy. He hold my hands while doing that. I tried to free from his grip as I want to push him deeper but he mistake that as resistance and applied more pressure on my hands.

After some time my pussy started to leak some juices. He got up and removed his dresses in record speed. His penis was full erect and oozing with pre cum. His penis was not so longer than husband but his circumference was just equal to all my fingers put together. He was 6 inches length and 4.5 inches circumference. He entered me in two go and started fucking me furiously.

All this time I had his handkerchief on my mouth so he couldn’t differentiate my sounds from pleasure to torture.  He hold my hands with his one hand and used his other hand to press my boobs. He was biting my nipples and boobs. I was close to cumming when I felt his penis expanding inside me. After I came, he came inside me. While cumming, he grunted something in his language which he said later that “I am planting my baby in your unprotected womb”.

After cumming he slept near me and since I was tired I too slept. After some time I woke up and found him sleeping nearer to me. I saw his lump penis and took that in my mouth which I never did to my husband. He woke and got excited on seeing me sucking his cock. He put me on my knees and started to mouth fuck me. He tried to push the whole thing in my mouth but I could only take half of his in my mouth. He and I went 69 position on bed. He tongue fucked me while I was sucking him furiously.

He went deep to my clitoris. We both came at the same time. I look back at the clock and I showed nearly 4.30pm. That was the time for my children to get back from school. He left promised to come back tomorrow.

He came the next day as soon as my children left home. He fucked me in doggie style and shouted like wolf while cumming. He put me on top for the next round and asked me fuck him which I did eagerly. He fucked me in standing position by making me standing near the balcony. He even fucked me in children bedroom.

My husband fucked his employee on the business trip for 3 days and I was fucked by my neighbour . He refused to wear any protection on those days. I haven’t taken any pill or used any protection. Who knows after 10 months at the age of 32, I might give birth to my 3rd child. The only difference this time is ,its father may not be my husband. Feedbacks are welcomed at tonyiskinky@gmail.com

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