The Seductive Story About The Sex With A Stranger

I am Jack from Delta. Any girls interested in having fun can mail or message me on hangouts on tonyiskinky@gmail.com. So, coming to the seductive story.

This happened in the last summer when I completed my first year of B.Tech and was soo bored at home. So I installed an app where I can have so much fun with stranger girls. I waited a week and found a hot girl named Preye. She was also doing B.Tech. But she was about to complete her second year.

In the initial days, we were just chatting about our interests and our college life. She said she loved her college so much because she had found her dream guy there. When she told me about her boyfriend, I got a little bit naughty and asked her if she had sex with him. Soon, she said yes and I was shocked to hear that she will be getting banged daily by her boyfriend. Whenever and wherever possible.

She also said that they had sex in their college parking lot. Hearing that, I got a hard-on and told her about it. Then, she said she would like to see my dick. So I sent a pic and she said that it was of good size and looked same as that of her lover. But a little bit thicker than his.

I asked her picture to which she said she will only show on video call as pics may be leaked. So, I immediately made a video call to her. I was stunned seeing her boobs. They were so huge that she nicely seduced me squeezing her boobs and fingering her pussy. I jerked off seeing her and released a huge load. She also released her pussy juices and felt happy to meet me

The next few days went like that and she informed me that her lover is going out of station for a week. So, she would badly miss his dick in her love hole. Soon, I said, “maybe you should try my dick inside your pussy: and she was happy hearing this as sex as became a daily routine for her. She asked me to meet her in her house since her parents had left to their relative’s house and would return after ten days.

Next day, I went to her house which wasn’t that far from mine. She opened the door with a naughty smile and seducing look. I went in and sat on the sofa. She offered me a glass of juice to which I said I would like to drink her pussy juice instead. Soon, she kissed me and I was also responding well. Soon we both became wild like first night couple and our tongues were exploring each other’s mouths fully. Slowly, I grabbed her ass and started to squeeze it gently. Then, she left out small moans while I was exploring her body with my hands.

We went into her bedroom and started kissing again. I removed her t-shirt and started pressing her boobs over her bra. Then, I slowly moved to her neck and gave love bites on her neck. Then I moved to her boobs and started sucking them over her bra.

She immediately removed her bra and gave full access. I started to suck each boob while pressing the other. Soon, she slid her hands into my pants jerking my cock. I was in full mood and ate her nipples. She was in so much pleasure and moaning so sexily. We both became naked in no time. Then, she took my dick into her mouth lying on her stomach on the bed. She sucked my dick so good that it was the best blowjob I have ever had.

She deep throated me and gaged on my dick. I finally came into her mouth and she drank my cum without wasting a single drop. She cleaned my dick and asked me to return the favor. I cannot keep waiting to eat her pussy. Immediately, she turned her on her back and pulled towards the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide. Then, she started eating her pussy. She was pushing my head into her pussy, greasing my hair.

I shoved two fingers inside while sucking. She gave a jerk my tongue and were exploring her pussy completely. Then, she came into my mouth and I drank her love juices and shared with her. She said that her boyfriend never ate her pussy. She was feeling so good that she could not explain in words that were the condition even with me.

Then, she asked me to fuck her badly. So I placed my dick at the entrance of the heaven and slowly rubbed her pussy. She pleaded me to enter her but I wanted to tease her for some time. She moved her hips and made me enter her.

I slowly started to fuck her. Then, I suddenly removed my dick completely and shoved it with the full force. She made a loud moan. I was ramming her pussy with the full speed and she was moaning so sexily. She asked me to eat her boobs while I am inside her pussy. Those boobs were so huge that I couldn’t take it completely inside my mouth. I rammed her like that for good 15 mins and she finally had her orgasm which was the longest for her. She was so fucking happy and climbed on me.

Then, she positioned herself in the cowgirl position and took my dick deep inside her and started to jump over me. She was fucking me so well and her melons were moving up and down. What a perfect motion! I started to squeeze them and she was moving with more speed above me. Then, I spanked her ass and boobs till they became red and squeezed her ass. She had her 3rd orgasm and fell on the bed without any energy. She asked to fuck her in the missionary again.

I entered her with one stroke and started to kiss her on the lips. While I am fucking her badly. Her boobs were getting crushed with my chest. She can’t even moan as I closed her lips with mine. She was moving her hips with my thrusts inside her pussy. Then, she was digging her nails into my back. Her pussy was getting tight and holding my dick tight.

We both came together. I said sorry as I came inside her without her permission. But she just smiled and said that she liked to take cum inside her pussy and she was also taking pills. We slept naked hugging each other and had one more session. While I am leaving she was so happy to meet me and so was I. Finally, I kissed her and left my house

We enjoy daily even after her bf had returned without knowing him and she was planning for threesome if she gets to succeed in will narrate that story also

Would love ur valuable feedback and horny girls especially in Hyderabad can msg me on hangouts on tonyiskinky@gmail.com.

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