The Simpler They Seem, The Wilder They Are

Hi, this is Kinky again. The appreciation from all of u has promoted me to share another wonderful experience of mine. I’m from Lagos, 41 yrs, married, 5’10”, athletic built, quite handsome, with attractive eyes. I am adventurous and have a fairly high sex drive.

This incident happened around 4 years back. I used to travel a lot and during the evenings, to kill time, I enrolled myself in dating sites. It was fun interacting with females, although most of them were professionals, but i did find other interesting individuals too.

One day when I opened my chat account, I saw a mail from a female, introducing herself & asking about me. I responded and that’s how we got chatting. I shared my name, details etc about me & the woman was quick to check my credentials on facebook, to ensure my genuineness. She then became comfortable and shared her details. Her name was Katrine and was from Abeokuta, married, with a 4 yr old daughter. She used to work with an educational institute and came across as an intelligent woman from a decent family background. She was average looking, with good assets (shapely boobs). She was on this site to find a friend (that’s what she told me then) and she liked my profile and sense of humour.

We chatted on several topics and started relating well, I got to know about her life and her husband, who was a nice person but had limitations in having sex. That’s the reason she was not satisfied and was exploring possibilities to quench her thirst, but very discreetly, with a genuine person….and I fitted the bill perfectly. We shared pics and hot talks about sexual preferences and also had couple of webcam sessions.

Finally one day we decided to meet. It was not possible for her to move out of her city, so it was upon me to travel there. I made a plan, we decided to meet in the hotel where I would be staying. I cited the reason for an overnight business trip & booked a bus ticket to Aurangabad and also booked a good 4 star hotel. I arrived there one evening earlier, just to make myself comfortable and spend the entire next day feeling fresh.

I called her up on arrival (we had been messaging each other during the journey & and she told my that she’s gonna make me laugh while riding me, which had made me very excited) and she told me she would be there by 10 next morning. As Abeokuta is a fairly small city, she was worried someone spotting her at the hotel. I rested that evening and enjoyed my dinner with some light music and watching TV. I controlled my urge to masturbate, though I was rock hard, anticipating the next day. I dunno when I fell asleep.

It was morning and I got up and was ready in no time, with a clean shave (I had trimmed myself down there earlier, before leaving). I waited for Katrine after breakfast. She called me that she’ll be there in 20 mins. Those 20 mins seemed like 20 hours! And then ding dong!..the bell rang. I opened the door to find her standing there in a sexy outfit, her head covered with a nice braided wig and she was smiling. I told her to come in and closed the door behind us. We hugged each other and I felt her soft boobs press against mine.

As she uncovered her head and let out her hair, I realized that she looked much better than her pics. We sat on the bed and chatted a bit, while I held her hand. Then she hugged me, saying that I had been very sweet to her and kissed me on my cheek. She then got up and went to the bathroom to freshen up. I meanwhile lay on the bed, looking at the ceiling.

Just then she came out wearing a pink gown made of silk. Oh…she looked sexy and her curves were much more visible. She was much fairer than what she looked in the pics. She came and lay beside me. We looked in each other eyes, I ran my hands on her and we kissed. We kissed long and deep, I brought her closer and could feel her body fully. She let out a soft moan, as if her body was aching for my touch. We kept kissing and feeling each other for some time. Suddenly she said, “Amit, I want u so badly. I have been waiting for this moment…I’m all yours today..do whatever u want with me baby”. These words were enough to make me crazy and I grabbed her and kissed her hard.

I removed her gown and she was in black lingerie. Her boobs were confined tightly within the bra and her lace panty had a wet patch over the pussy. I massaged her boobs over the bra and kissed her body from top to bottom. She moaned louder and undressed me. She then held my cock which was hard, over my black colour Jockey and caressed it.

I meanwhile opened her bra and her boobs just sprang out, which made me exclaim, “Wow!” Those were one of the best pair of tits I ever saw, perfect size, round and shapely with nice nipples and a medium sized areola. Without wasting time, I placed my mouth on it and sucked it well. She ran her finger through my hair, prompting me to do it more. I kept sucking both the soft boobs and placed my finger on her pussy, she let out a gasp. I removed her panty and there was a perfectly shaven pussy which was small in size but had the clit pouting out. I rubbed my fingers on it and it felt it to be virgin. I fingered her, rubbing the clit and inserting inside, while sucking on her boobs, for about 10 mins.

Then she got up, pulled down my undies and grabbed my cock. She said. “Wow Amit, its bigger than I imagined. I’m gonna savour this one today”. Saying this she took the full thing in her mouth, driving me ecstatic. She sucked me well and knew the tricks to make it grow harder. I suggested her to come around over me and we got into 69. It was the best 69 I ever did. Her pussy was so wet n tasty, I loved it. We both were moaning and slurping, eating each other as if there is no tomorrow. The build up to this session had been very good. She was repeatedly asking me if she’s doing it fine. I said it was perfect. She licked my balls, groin, tip, shaft, everything and I ate her pussy like a mango.

I came on top of her and prepared to enter her. I was about to take out a condom, when she said, ” No Kinky , I wanna feel u raw inside me…oh God that cock of yours is so desirable. Don’t worry I’m in my safe period”. In no time I was inside her, though entering was not easy, her pussy being as tight as a virgin’s. But I enjoyed the feel of it and she kept letting out moans, which in turn made me harder. I fucked her with deep and long strokes and she kept pushing from below to match the rhythm, asking me to do it faster. We fucked for almost 20 mins, then got into doggy and did it even longer. She exclaimed. “Baby, u can do it for so long, I’m floored, u haven’t cum yet and I have cum thrice till now”.

I spanked her ass and she wiggled. I gave her deeper and harder strokes, which she loved and moaned so loud that someone from outside could surely hear. I saw her face all flushed up and glowing and she was massaging her boobs hard. She then got on top of me and rode me like a wild beast. As I was about to cum, she stroked me with her hand, keeping her tongue beside my cock, saying ” I wanna drink ur sweet, give it to me”. These words made me so excited that I burst out and shot my load high up in the air. It landed on my stomach, her tongue and her face. She licked it and swallowed it and also licked my cock clean. “Mmmm…u taste so good!” was her remark.

We lay tired besides each other and hugged. After a while we repeated the session, had lunch and again fucked. I loved fucking her on the spring mattress. We had a shower together, where she gave me a mind blowing blow job again and I came in her mouth, which she drank again. After getting ready, she told me, “This was the best day of my life. Nobody treated me like this before. My stud, u are unbelievable!” We kissed each other goodbye and she left, That was the last time I saw her or ever heard from her. Obviously she had a family and didn’t want to ruin it. Those few hours gave her pleasures of a lifetime. I returned back that evening, smiling away in the bus, thinking of each and every move with her.

You know, I have experienced this many a times….the simpler a woman appears from the outside, the wilder she is inside! I still get a hard on, remembering that day.

Do write back to me on tonyiskinky@gmail.com. My drive remains the same even today.

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