The Tinder experience – My True Erotic Story

Hi, guys, this is Joe (obviously not my real name for privacy concerns) but this erotic story is true and it is my real life experience. First of all, thank you all for your feedback on my previous life experience story.

Please feel free to share your feedback on ikem.ndubuisi@gmail.com and also if any beautiful babe, girl or aunty out there reading this and wants some fun with privacy. Please write to me. Your feedback and response are always appreciated.

I live in Lagos and I felt bored with my daily routine. I knew Tinder but never tried it. So, I thought to give it a shot. I installed the app and swiped in to see many girls. Soon, I saw some matches and I chatted with them too. I found a girl from the island. Let’s call her ‘SHE’.

So we chatted for a few days and then we exchanged our numbers and spoke over the phone too. When we felt comfortable, we met in CP and after meeting a couple of times, we felt like we were more than just a tinder match. SHE is a kind of introvert girl who doesn’t believe in casual sex or anything like that. So, she made herself clear in the beginning that she wanted to be just a friend and me was ok with that as I liked hanging around with her.

A month passed and then my birthday came. So, I organized a party at my place since I live alone in a flat. So, I invited my friends and her too but she refused to come that night since she didn’t want to stay out at night. What I understood was, as she is an introvert and hence she didn’t want to be in a party filled with strangers (my other friends).

After two days post my birthday, she jokingly said that I didn’t give her party. So, I asked her to come to my flat anytime and she said, “ok, let’s meet tomorrow”. I was kind of shocked as I didn’t expect her in my flat. Next day, she came and I offered her a pizza and all and a red wine. She is an occasional drinker and so we drank red wine. Then we had a few beers while talking about things. As it was only both of us, we talked about so many things in our life.

She was wearing blue jeans with a red t-shirt. I liked her figure but always felt afraid of telling her that in the influence of alcohol, I got some courage and started praising her nature and her figure too. She was kind of blushing at the moment. I didn’t know how I said, but I did(thanks to alcohol). I said, “I wish if I was the wine in her glass. Soon, she asked why?. I said I could touch her lips then. Her face became red and I could see her feeling shy.

The next line she said was ice breaking between us. She said, “you could touch them being yourself too, no need to be a wine”. I couldn’t believe my ears but I touched her hand and held her left hand in mine and started caressing it. There was a pin drop silence between us for the next 60 seconds and then I kissed her lips with mine. After kissing her slowly for next one minute, I looked into her eyes and started kissing her again passionately. She was responding very well.

We were sitting on the sofa and while kissing. Soon, I made her sit on my lap and we were kissing so passionately. Then, I inserted my hand inside her top and started caressing her waist. I kissed her ears and she lost in me after that. I took her in my arms and came to my bedroom. We kissed while closing the door. Meanwhile, we removed our clothes.

She was wearing a white bra which was driving me crazy. Then, I made her lie on the bed and started kissing her neck. I was coming down slowly. I kissed her neck shoulders and breasts above her bra. She enjoyed and I could see her reaction. I took her bra off and took her breasts in my mouth one by one. They were firm and round and in proper shape. I pressed them soft and hard too.

While kissing her breast, I inserted my hand in her jeans and she was getting crazy with that. I took her jeans off and I inserted my hand into her panty and started caressing her in there. I removed my pant and her panty too. She took the rest of my clothes out and we both were naked in seconds. I started kissing her waist and then I went down and kissed her kitty too.

My lips in her cunt made her so demanding and she was like a fish without water. I put my dick in her vagina and started rubbing there and started kissing her lips and neck while rubbing my penis. After rubbing for a couple of minutes, we both couldn’t wait for more. So, I inserted myself into her. She was like in a bit of pain but kind of enjoying that. I pumped her harder and kissed her neck while pumping. We fucked in many positions later and we enjoyed every way to make love.

We couldn’t catch up with time and it has become late. So, she had to leave as she couldn’t spend the night with me even she wanted to. We enjoyed every second a lot and then after eating our food, I dropped her to her place and later on, we met several times and made love. Now, she had moved to another city and we haven’t met for months.

I hope you guys liked my experience. Sorry, I couldn’t explain deeply. If any aunty, bhabhi or girl wants to meet me and spend some time with privacy, please, feel free to get in touch. ikem.ndubuisi@gmail.com. Please provide your feedback also and soon I will share some more experiences. Thanks for reading. Peace.

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