Unexpected Sex With Known Lady

Hi guys, thanks for the valuable reply from readers who read my earlier story “maid’s daughter”.

Based on your replies and support i am giving another real life experience to you all. This incident happened in 2020 mid of year when i met my known lady who was living near my house earlier.

She was 29 by that time and i was 24. She was dark in complexion and having a good structure. Even though she is not fair, but her assets will surely catch attention of any man who is crossing her.

Let’s come to the story. By the mid of 2020, i was in my holidays and i just returned from my abroad training. I was simply spending my time in my house, as my job schedule is starting by another couple of months. So i was requested by my uncle to pick up and drop their 8 years old daughter in a nearby school. As the school which she was studying is the same school i did my schooling. So i am having good ramp and respect in the school environment.

School is nearly 2 kms from our house. So i used to go there by my pulsar. This becomes routine for me, in the evening time, i will start by 3.45pm as the school ends by 4.00pm. I was taking a shortcut where only few vehicles use it and mostly some ladies will use it for reaching the school and it is very rare.

This schedule continued for 20 days. One day i saw a lady walking in the same way i am using to travel and i didn’t care about the lady as i was in some other thought. Next day also the same lady was walking in the same way, but now concentrated on her face to identify who she was. I crossed her and watched her in the side mirror of my vehicle; i realized she is the one who was staying nearby my house earlier. I didn’t stop there. I reached the school and when i was leaving she saw me and started talking with me by formal talks. I was thinking to get more details like why she was coming to school. I came to know that her kid was studying in the same school which she was just doing her internship.

Her husband was working in a different state and visiting once in a couple of months and staying only for 10 days as he was in the probation period.

From the very next day, i used to travel in the same time and i started picking her in my bike and dropping her in the school. This continued for few days. One day, i was about to ask her mobile number to have some communication. But that day, unexpectedly she asked my number and informed me to help her whenever she is in need. That day actually my uncle’s daughter is on leave, i purposefully went to meet her. I asked her shall i drop her in house. She told me to drop her. I was very happy and i reached her house. It was near my classmate’s home. I already know how to reach there easily. I chatted with her for few minutes and had a refreshing coffee and leave her house.

By evening 7pm, she called me and asked me a favor to bring some materials which was in her sister’s house which was near my house. I went there and picked up the things and i started to her house. When moving to her house, i got an idea and my mind is planning to have some naughty play. So i stopped my vehicle and checking in the bags. I found her bra and kept it with me. It was 36 in size. I was very happy and i kept with me. I reached her house and handed the things which i took from her sister’s house. She checked all the things and asked me to wait for few minutes. She went out and i was playing with her daughter, she came in and asked where her bra is. I was really shocked and pretended to be unknown. But she shows me her bra which kept in my bike. I think she was about to scold, but she was cool like ice and asked me to have dinner in her place. I insisted to move as i feel ashamed.

She came near me and feels the difference with her. She sat near me and played with her daughter and within 10minutes her daughter fell asleep and she kept her daughter in the bed and started the conversation.

She: why you did this?

Me: what?

She: hiding my bra…

Me: i am really sorry. I feel that your bra can help me release my stress.

She: how?

Me: i used to masturbate. I will use your bra when i masturbate, which may give more pleasure.

She: i thought you were small boy still. But i made the mistake.

Me: sorry

She: you should need a punishment.

Me: i am sorry. Please don’t tell this to anyone. Please.

She: ok. Then you have to do what i was ordering you.

Me: ok

She: remove you pants and i need to check your tool size.

Me: i was shocked and i was in a different state.

She: are you going to remove or i will remove it.

She suddenly started to remove my pants and jockey. My tool stands in front of her. I was feeling embarrassed. She suddenly put my tool in her mouth and started giving me blowjob. I was in real shock. She then told me that, she was waiting to taste my cock from the time she was living near to my house. By that time she was not married. Now i was thinking to command her. In few minutes i just shot cum in her mouth. She drank it fully. I was relaxed. Now it’s my turn to tease her. I started to remove her night gown which she was wearing and there it is. She was standing there only with bra. She removed her panties before calling me over the phone. So, i came to know that she was trying to seduce me any way by today, even if i didn’t stole her bra. I started to command her.

I removed her bra and started sucking her boobs. I teased her with my fingers and started licking her whole body. I inserted my fingers in her pussy and she was damn wet down there. I started finger fucking her in a vigorous speed. She was about to cum, i came to know that from her moans and i increased my speed and she reached her orgasm. She was squirting; damn she was squirting like hell. I let her relaxed and she came and hugged me tightly. She seemed to be relaxed and now she suddenly came down and started begging me to fuck her. I was very much happy that a lady is begging me to have my tool inside her pussy. She took my tool in her mouth and started giving blow job. In minutes, my tool was back in the attacking position. Now it’s my turn to fuck her hard as possible.

I teased her by not entering into her pussy for few seconds, but she was in not a state to wait any more. In a little jerk my tool was inside her pussy well. I was feeling the heat and i started to give rhythmic strokes in which she was enjoying a lot and giving back strokes by tilting her hip. I fucked her slowly for 5 minutes and i want her to fuck in doggy style. I made to stand on kneels and palms. I inserted from her back and started giving her hard strokes. She was moaning like hell and she was unable to hold. She started squirting again. Damn she was squirting a lot and i was unable to control myself. I started giving more hard strokes and fucking like a diesel engine piston.

In next 10 minutes she was in a mad situation and unable to control. Her legs were shivering and i feel that my sperms were building pressure. So i gave more forced strokes in a minute or two i ejaculated like hell in her pussy. She also came the third time. She just slept like the same position and fell on her back. After few minutes, i wake up and started cleaning myself with her night gown. But she stopped me and started cleaning with her mouth. I feel relaxed and had my clothes on and ready to move from her house.

She came to the gate only with her night gown and given me a hearty bye and i went away from her house. When i reached my house, i got a sms that tomorrow afternoon lunch will be with her and more surprise.

I was really happy and ready to enjoy.

who would like to join me

send me a mail at tonyiskinky@gmail.com

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